Carl Jung on Nature

I’m currently reading  “The Earth has a Soul”, C.G. Jung on Nature, Technology and Modern Life“, edited by Meredith Sabini, and it offers real emotive insight into the mind of Jung and how the modern world has, in his opinion, created a disconnect between our archaic, million year old instinctive, naturally aligned self, and the more conscious, rational but feeble-minded, distracted and often confused and miserable modern self.
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Environment: The Plastic-Age

Kitchen baby plastic

Inherent in any desire to restore a wildness, whether environmental or personal, is a need for the natural wilderness and our own bodies to be kept healthy. After reading David Attenborough’s Q&A for the launch of Blue Planet 2 in the Guardian, I followed it up with watching a few documentaries on the subject of ocean plastic, waste and sustainable business practices, the detail of which is worryingly mindblowing and paints the picture of our world in the midst of another significant ‘phase’ of humanity – The Plastic Age.

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Food & Drink: Conifer Needle Tea

This time a year ago, almost to the day, we were cosying up in the cabin in the woods in Golden, B.C. at Leo Downey’s Rocky Mountain Buffalo Ranch. An awe-inspiring place nestled between Banff and Glacier National Parks, we were treated to a few days of crisp Autumnal weather as we loaded up the firewood in the cabin’s sauna, readying the candlelit room for our icy bodies after a dip in the clay pool out back.

A quick wander into the surrounding woodland and I noticed a few conifers dotted about, spiking their needles into the blue morning sky.

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Health: Gritting my teeth

What would you use to clean your teeth if OralB or Macleans wasn’t about?

I’ve been wondering for a while what we’d do without P&G or Unilever in our lives for toiletries like this. There’s also a part of me that wonders whether what’s in them is any good anyway, given how many chemicals make them up. Not to mention their impact on the environment.

But is there any alternative?

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